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How Crucial is a Blog for Your Website?

This insightful one-hour webinar will explore the impact and importance of blogging in today's digital landscape. This session delves into how a blog can significantly enhance your website's visibility, engage your audience, and improve SEO rankings. Attendees will learn practical tips for creating compelling content, strategies for consistent posting, and ways to integrate blogs effectively with […]


Best Practices When Requesting Google Reviews

In my game-changing one-hour webinar: "Best Practices When Requesting Google Reviews," I'll unveil the strategic insights and proven methods to ethically and effectively solicit reviews that elevate your business profile. Discover the dos and don'ts of the review request process, ensuring authenticity and positive engagement. Learn to navigate the nuances of timing and messaging for […]


Enhancing Google Ads with AI: A Blueprint for Success

Are you struggling to create effective Google Ads that reach your target audience? Join me for this Lunch and Learn webinar where together we’ll explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you create better Google Ads campaigns. I will show you how to leverage AI to optimize your ad targeting, create more compelling ads, and improve […]


Zero-Click Search Optimization Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Join me, Steve Scott, for a deep dive into "Zero-Click Search Optimization: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques." In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, zero-click searches are reshaping how we approach SEO and online visibility. In this webinar, I'll walk you through the latest strategies and practical advice to ensure your content thrives in a zero-click search […]


Every month I offer two free SEO classes on Zoom. Anyone can register and join by clicking on the topics in my calendar above.


My Lunch and Learn series is usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This free class is more formal and starts at 12pm EST lasting for about an hour with some Q&A at the end on the topic of the day.


My MeetUp Interactive series is usually the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6pm EST. It’s a more informal 2-hour virtual meeting where we get on camera and introduce ourselves. I answer several SEO and website related questions attendees may have before starting my topic for the evening. At the end of the class, I answer more questions about the topic I just discussed.


My Masterclass series is a longer 2-3 day event for 2 hours each day. These are great for both beginners and advanced SEO enthusiasts looking for a deep dive into specific topics. Keep an eye on my live calendar for upcoming Masterclasses and free webinars or purchase past Masterclasses on-demand.